Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Wiccan Alphabet

This Wiccan alphabet
Is for Witches to learn
When you come to the end
Then it's time to return...

A is for Athame
To make sacred space

B is for Bonfire
For leaping apace

C is for Cauldron
That calls forth our dreams

D is for Deosil
The way that redeems

E is for Earth
The Mother of all

F is for Familiar
A helpful fuzzball

G is for Grove
Where we meet with our Goddess

H is for Hags
And all they have taught us

I is for Incense
For energy re-settings

J is for Jumping
The broom at our weddings

K is for Knife
To cut the libations

L is for Laughter
And joyful vocations

M is for Magick
The mystical means

N is for Night
When Covens convene

O is for Owl
For psychical sight

P is for Pentacle
To set things aright

Q is for Queen
Of our starry Heaven

R is for Runes
For magickal spellin'

S is for Spiral
The wheel of rebirth

T is for Tarot
For truth to unearth

U is for Uncanny
Enchanting spell spinnings

V is for Velvet
Dark, for beginnings

W is for Wheel
The spiraling year

X is for Excellent
The Craft so sincere

Y is for Yggdrasil
The Tree of the World

Z is for Zodiac
The heavens unfurled