Thursday, February 10, 2011

Blessing your staff

Many witch's now a days are using staff's instead of wands!

I think it's great, a staff represents power, and is very solid compared to a wand. Plus it can be carved, decorated... and in a pinch.... used for walking or hiking.

I haven't found one I like yet, but, believe me, I'm looking!!!!

Blessing your staff

Components Required - You need a rod or staff
- You need a place YOU can focus best in
- You need a Crystal (white quartz or obsidian)

First perform a cleansing ritual. place the crystal on the ground in front of you.
Hold the staff or rod out in front of you horizontally. Recite the following spell.

As stone is to earth
So staff is to stone.
Death and rebirth
Heart and bone.
May light fly, I call away stone.
I summon you sky. Call me on.

- Use a staff and stone special to you
- Add your own touches to the spell (it is just a guideline)


Mina said...

Just what I have been looking for! My husband just finished my new staff and I needed a blessing before using it but haven't had time to look for one. Yours is perfect.