Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Static, fun or punishment??

This is the reason I hate winter in N.J. the MOST!

Not that I don't hate it for the cold, snow, ice.... and so on.... but the static electricity in my house is freaking AMAZING!!

My poor cat, who usually runs and HOPS up on my lap.... during the winter he creeps across the sofa, putting out one paw to lightly touch me..... SNAP.... the static gets him, then he goes the rest of the way onto my lap. Ears back, not a happy kitty!

I think he's pretty sure that it's some kind of punishment I put on him all winter!!!!

I CAN'T HELP IT!!! everything I touch sparks, the light switch, the teapot, EVERYTHING!!! it's getting really annoying!!!!!

As soon as spring comes, and the heat stops coming on.... the static goes away!!!!

I WANT SPRING............BAD!!!


Anonymous said...

We walk on the rug in the living room in fuzzy socks and have zap wars in the dark. Yup....we're real fancy with our entertainment.