Friday, October 16, 2009

Alarming much?

I read the newspaper every day, on line and off. And I've noticed an alarming trend in papers.... reporting deaths from the swine flu.

Like today, yahoo reports "43 children die from swine flu this year!"

But read the article.... they are no longer reporting WHERE these children are from, or the young adults are FROM!!!

No more statistics recounting who sick in the US!!!!! WHAT STATES! Or should I say WHAT COUNTRIES?

Why aren't they saying where these children are from???

Simple, the government payed a lot of money to get these flu shots.... and the US is not responding by running out and getting the whole family vaccinated!

Too weary of the reports and the fact that the vaccine is made in CHINA!!!

People are having a hard think about getting something for their kids that is, UNTESTED, and the SIDE EFFECTS are not being mentioned, AND THE VACCINE IS FROM CHINA.

Tell me how many toys, foods, and other stuff has been recalled from CHINA in the last year alone??? I'll tell you TONS!

Now, I can't get the flu shot.... I'm allergic to eggs, so no shots for me.... but it worries me the amount of attention, and forcing they are doing to convince us to get our kids shots!

And I had no problem with others getting the shots if they need them, or want them.... but then all of a sudden all these reports, with out the facts, or the backup other reports have had.... it is just alarming to me!

Why are they pushing this so hard? Why are they on a vendetta to scare everyone? Why are the reports of deaths so vague now?