Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I'm so tired of this shit!!!!

I am so tired of this STUPID MENOPAUSE!!!!!!! I passed through it like 8 years ago.... but I still get freaking HOT FLASH'S!!!!!

Not all the time, but a couple times every few months or so. And it sucks the big one. Sometimes at night (the absolute worst!) sometimes during the day (not so bad since I wasn't fast asleep when it hit!)

I get hot, soooooo very hot.... but I don't sweat (have a condition that means I have like now sweat glands, so I never sweat) But I get the rapid heart beat, then the heat, then chills!!!!


I'm way over having my monthly, been like 8 years, but I think it's the goddess's way of reminding us that we are still women... WELL STOP IT!!!!

I went through it with no help, no doctor, doing the happy dance that I won't get my monthly any more.... but these occasional spells drive me nuts!!!!!

I did find that taking a benadrylle sometimes helps, but what helps the most is getting cool, and staying that way. I always sleep with my window open, even in the winter, and never more then one light blanket on me.... but still I get them. sigh

Being a crone is good, but these spells aren't!!!

Wonder if that's why old time witch's danced nude in the moonlight??? trying to get cool????


Anonymous said...

I have hot flashes and I never know when they are going to hit. So your post cracked me up.

VintageSage said...

Man I am NOT looking forward to the full blown thing but I'm already getting hot flashes! I guess it's kinda nice I'm not cold all the time anymore and have to bundle up like I'm dying but I can't get enough clothes off! Lol! Hang in there!

Judith said...

Yes, it sucks, but I found that taking, believe it or not, Geratol. It's a vitamin liquid you get at the drug store... works fab at keeping the hot flash's at bay... unfortunatly I ran out like a month ago, so they are back!!! I'm off to the drug store to get more and hopefully they will go away!

Witchy Mom's Homeschool said...

Hang in there, hon. I agree with you, the goddess is reminding you that you are female. Maybe take more time to honor your body - self caressing (not in THAT way, like self massage basically). Honor the moon cycles with even just a moment of awe and a bow of the head and dance naked in your livingroom to some great music! Maybe then the goddess will leave you alone a bit :)