Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Bedding down the baby's

Since I STILL have no phone to interrupt me with constant calls from friends....

I decided that it was a good day to go outside and snuggle my baby's in a warm blanket of mulch for the winter.

I thanked the blueberry's and gooseberry's for their abundant crop... and pleaded with the gooseberry's to cut down a little on the thorn production!

I thanked and blessed all my plants, and applied a nice warm layer of mulch to see them through the winter

I pulled out the last stray weeds that somehow manage to get into the planters, and then sent my baby's off to their winter sleep... hoping that they will survive the harsh ocean winter, and come back in full bloom in the spring!

The lavender never needs mulching, because it's in a place that every ones leaves blow and gather. (since I have no tree's, I can't be blamed for it! giggle)

In the spring I have to remove huge handfuls of leaves that have kept the lavender warm all winter... besides that, I think the cast iron cauldron radiates some heat during the winter, and gives the lavender ideal growing conditions!

So no more weeding or watering for the next few months, I'm going to miss having my morning coffee out on the swing, and warm evenings watering the plants! But all things must run in the cycle, and winter is part of that.