Saturday, October 24, 2009

Color me Blue!

I'm soooo tired of shopping!!!!!

I hate that I didn't get my shopping done like I usually do! I'm usually all done shopping for Yule by July!!!

And this year, do to all the freaking expenses sending my son off to school.... I JUST STARTED!!!

I'm almost done though. Except for one thing for Barb, and one thing for Brian.... I'm finished. But I'm SICK OF STORES!!! and let me tell you that's unusual for me!!!

On top of that (and this is the usual thing for me) the doll that I collect came out with a new version of her!!! She has glass eyes, and 3 wigs, and lash's!!! Ohhhhhh she's so pretty, but it's not going to happen!!!

I have only one month to go for shopping, and I need to save that money for others, instead of me.....but ME really wants something for ME! GIGGLE

I really wish the "Money Fairy" would swoop down to my house, and unload all that dirty money she has!!!!