Monday, October 12, 2009

I am grumpy, and I have complaints!!!!

Yeah, grumpy it is, and grumpy I am!!!!

Woke up this Monday morning with a message from my daughter on neopets... asking me where I was all weekend, and why I'm not answering my phone or returning her messages.....

checked the phone, and ..... nothing.... broken... no dial tone.... nothing.... OK, now how do I call the phone company to tell them my phone is broken, when my phone is broken??

Go to the web site for Verizon..... look around for 15 minutes, find the link to report a problem (hidden it was, crafty phone company!) filled it out... needed contact phone number...MY PHONE IS BROKEN.... THAT IS MY CONTACT NUMBER!!!! (Yes, I know, but I don't have a freaking cell phone, and I'm not going to get one!!!)

So, finally just put in the broken phone number, filled in what was wrong, and hit submit.... then it starts a testing progress.... checking my phone line... and tell me..."gee it's broken!!!" it wont cost a cent to fix, and someone will be out FOUR DAYS FROM NOW TO FIX IT!!!! FOUR FREAKING DAYS!!!!!

Let me tell you all, I live in a wonderful Mobil home park, and out by the highway, EVERY SINGLE DAY, I see a Verizon truck parked in the park...sitting there... doing nothing... maybe sleeping... maybe eating.... maybe doing wire taps on everyone phone... but there... EVERY DAY!!!

Yet it going to take them 4 DAYS to get from where they park, to my house... only about a 5 second ride away!!!!!!

whatever.... so I hit "submit" to make the appointment..... and ....... NOTHING...the LINK DOESN'T WORK!!!! Refuses to load, or finish or ANYTHING!!!!!!

Now I'm fuming! Check out each neighbor, no one home... or they are dead, or in the process of killing someone... but nevertheless can't come to the door.

(it's always like that here... one of the reason's I like it so much is that it's so quiet, and no one bothers you!!)

So I get in the car, looking for a pay phone... not one to be found, so I go to the park managers office, and he lets me use the phone, and I call them....AN HOUR LATER.. after pressing 1 and saying no, and pressing 2 and saying yes.... you know the drill.... finally have the repair confirmed... again for 4 days from now!!!!

So, no phone, and if the repair guy tries to call me... well the phone is broken so good luck with that....... does it HAVE TO BE SO HARD!!!!!


The Frog Queen said...

Sorry to hear that things are going so bad at your end of the world. Who ever said that money was the root of all evil...was never poot! :D Hope things get better soon!


VintageSage said...

Oh DEAR!! Horrible, horrible! So sorry you are giong through all this. How frustrating. I will send some good thoughts your way. You need some GOOD things happening to you about now. I agree with the Frog IS the root of all evil. It controls the universe! Ugh! Hang in there!

Judith said...

Sorry guys, sometimes you just need to vent! LOL and usualy I call my girlfriend barb, and vent to her... but hay, my phone's not working!! giggle So I vented on line. believe me, the annuity has kept me going for years, since my hubby died... so I can't complain....tooo much. :)

Rue said...

Your daughter has kids. How does she not know that kids always assume you have money? I don't even have kids, and I know that my NIECES always assume I have money! Oh well - if her mother-in-law is offering, then she should take her up on it!

Hope the Verizon guys gets his ass in gear sooner, rather than later!