Friday, October 02, 2009

Bad broom, punishment ended

I took my broom out of the corner today. She's been there since July.... you see, Zelda (yes, I've named my broom! haven't you?) has a bad temper!!! When I ignore her, or don't go flying for a few weeks.... she tends to bushwhack me, and bop me on the head!!

So I put her in the corner, as punishment.... and she SAYS she repentant... but I don't quite believe her... would you?

I decorated her for the holidays.... that always makes her feel better, but I made sure she (see, she can't read) has a sign on her showing her true nature.

Just beware, if you visit... she more then likely to bop you on the head too....sigh... I just can't seem to teach her manners.


Anonymous said...

What a horrible thing for your broom to do to you when you have been so nice to allow her to live with you. LOL

Lyn said...

Zelda looks so beautiful all dressed up. I just hope she behaves now:-)

Rue said...

Oh those brooms are a wiley bunch - you have to keep them in line. She looks fab though!

The Frog Queen said...

Oh, now that is too clever...wench - yes that is the name of broom....cause she has also been misbehavin....but I think it will take more than decorating for us to make up.



Judith said...

LOL I think Zelda's problem is that she's bigger then me!!!! so she thinks she can boss me around!