Sunday, October 18, 2009

Favorite Old Movie

I sat down to watch my favorite old Science Fiction movie....THE THING FROM OUTER SPACE! You know it was still great! Much better then the later remake of the movie.

In the movie you really didn't get to see the "thing" he was always in the dark, or from a distance, but this is the picture of him close up. He actually was a vegetable!!!! Cool, monster carrot!!!! Of course a carrot that fed on blood, but a carrot never the less. giggle

James Arnes, who used to play the sheriff on "Gunsmoke" was the monster. I love all those old Sci-fi movies!


Anonymous said...

i hate to admit it, but i'm a sci fi freak :) lol especially the old stuff

mandie reed

Rue said...

Crazy old movies where aliens are veggies? Sounds great to me. Reminds me of Soylent Green where people are veggies...or veggie fertilizer! "It's's made of people..." LOL! Love Charleton Heston!