Sunday, October 04, 2009

sleepless in New Jersey

Last night was wicked.

First I had trouble falling asleep cause my daughter called (morganna's mom) and told me she spent the whole day in the hospital (my daughter, NOT morganna) Seems she has a cyst, that's from this weird type of tumor that actually has teeth and hair and stuff!!!! Oh yuck!!!! She's going to get it removed, and my vision of it was...."No biggie" so I know she's going to be fine.

But then, my room still smells faintly of paint, and the moon was so bright that It was making the room to bright to sleep in..... and..........

what I usually do on nights like that is go on the computer.....BUT I MOVED THE COMPUTER ALL THE WAY AT THE OTHER END OF THE HOUSE!!!!

Needless to say, this morning I moved it back into my bedroom!!!!! Besides not having anything to do if I woke up in the middle of the night..... in the back room my cat DROVE ME BONKERS!!!! Rubbing, and purring, and sitting on my keyboard!!!!

Not good, in the mornings I need my coffee, and my computer first thing!!!!!! AND NO CAT BOTHERING ME!!!!

I HATE moving the computer... all those freaking wires and stuff.... but at last, I'm back in my bedroom... door closed (cause kitty isn't allowed in here) and I can type and browse in PEACE!!!!

I lost the fantastic view, but sometimes it's worth it!!!!


Rue said...

Hope your daughter's surgery goes perfectly.

Get some sleep!