Friday, October 09, 2009

Memory bottles

This is called a "Memory Bottle". My Dad used to make them all the time. You get a bottle with a good tight cork, and fill it up with things you like to sniff!

This one has Lavender flowers, and sage leaves in it.

He also used to cut pieces of the Christmas tree branches and bottle them, also rose petals, and even cow manure, mums, pumpkin pie spice, sea water, and any thing else he liked the smell of.... that reminded him of spring, summer, and fall!

And during the dark winters he would sit in his work shop, and have a nice drink, and sniff the bottles.... closing his eyes.... remembering summer!

I've always done it with pine needles, and such. Such a wonderful way to remember the good times, as the snow closes in!


Mother's Moon's Message said...

I love this idea.... My sage is simply beautiful right now and I so dont want to lose its color or smell to the colder weather... thanks for the info.. I intend to put one together today...

Anonymous said...

Your dad sounds great...wish he'd been mine!
But...did he like the smell of cow manure?

The other things in a bottle I can totally agree with but the poo-poo...hmmm...mind you...

I have made some "witch bottles" with funny things in myself over the years...which I can't mention here...ha ha!

Thanks Judith for showing us your (pooless) bottle!

Judith said...

LOL New Jersey, farm lands.... giggle cow poo smells good. and he was a gardener, so he loved the smell

Faeriely Odd Witches said...

That is the best idea!