Monday, June 07, 2010

Changing my mind

I put the big coleman cooler back in the shed! I had taken it out, and cleaned it, figuring I had a bunch of people in my room for shore leave, and I promised to supply food.

But since it looks like I'm going to be alone, I took out the small one I have to see if everything would fit! And it does!!!

The Tupperware container in the bottom will hold my salad, on top of that I'll put two roast beef subs, (I don't eat the bread, but the beef, lettuce, tomato ect is cool.. I just chuck the bread) and in the top of the container I'll put my yogurts!!!


It's a pain in the ass when you have food allergies!

I wish I could just eat at the hotel, like I used too, expensive, but convenient. They have 2 (sat & sun) buffets, and they have a Grand restaurant, a pizza hut, and snack shop in the hotel.... but when you can't eat anything.... It isn't much use to me!

I hate going to restaurants and asking "what in there" of the food.

You would be surprised how they will sneak eggs into salads, and other stuff, and of course breading is a no no.

The bar menu? Well, I can eat the shrimp cocktail... but your paying $15 dollars for 4 freaking shrimp!!!! I can add a ton of shrimp to my salad for like $5 bucks.... why pay all that money! (Plus the fact I can't afford to eat there if I go, I nearly have enough money for the hotel, and that has to come out of my savings! sigh)

So this is going to work out good. The cooler is small enough to slip on the shoulder strap, and go!

The Hunt Valley Marriot is a long and sprawling structure, not the regular up and down hotel.

So what you do is go in, register for your room, then drive around the hotel to find what building your in, and park. Unfortunately with every single building you have 2 flights of stairs to climb up to get to the rooms. You so don't want to bring heavy stuff with you.

So my roll along suitcase, and my shoulder strap cooler is just perfect! One trip, and your in your room!

Even though I really can't afford this, I'm getting excited! I haven't been away in 2 years!!! So this will be a real treat for me!

So everyone... put out good spells and wishes for me..... that nothing happens in the next 34 days, and I'll be able to go!

Also a spell or two to send the "money fairy" to me would greatly be appreciated!

Tell the fairy, not much money, a hundred or two, or three..... would be perfect! GIGGLE


Rue said...

Sounds like a nice getaway. Sending wishes for you to the money fairy...

Sugar said...

You'll have fun! Just enjoy yourself, and don't worry..things will work out :)