Tuesday, June 08, 2010


I had this great idea of a patio filled with wonderful Terra Cotta pots.... so pretty, and so versatile.... yes?


The thing with those types of pots are that fact that unless they are glazed inside, they SUCK ALL THE MOISTURE OUT OF THE SOIL!! Like a giant sponge!

Meaning you have to water ALL THE TIME!!!!

And the pots with the glaze inside are UBER EXPENSIVE!!!!

So I got big pots, plastic pots, cheap pots! And they work wonderful.

I bought one, half whisky barrel, for the bigger plants, then I found ones that looked just the same but were plastic.

Less chance of the wood rotting over the years! And the plants can't tell the difference!

Those of you who are big garden aficionados, probably hate that I used plastic pots... but they have a lot going for them.

They withstand the weather, don't leach water from the soil, and can be used over and over again with out the fear of passing on bacteria from the soil. A quick wash and scrub, and they are ready to use again.

While, clay pots, have to be sanitized after each use, bleach, and anti bacterial soap!

So now you have your pots, and are ready to plant..... what kind of soil do you use???? hummmmm


Sugar said...

Thanks for the tips.. I have been using miracle grow..but I dont have many plants, and they are small..I'm lazy and not creative when it comes to making stuff. lol.

Jamie said...

You could buy the inexpensive terra cotta pots and just shellac the inside. That's what I did. :)