Saturday, June 26, 2010

Stone Magic


Take a holed stone (naturally holed stones often found in or beside running water or the ocean, they are not easy to find, but well worth it!)and put it in a vessel of clear water.
Remove it and the water is possessed of healing vibrations which can be used in healing baths, to anoint a healing charm, and so on.

Perform this on the New, waxing, or full moon with the focus on healing and getting better.

Place the bowl of water with stone out under the moon to collect Her energies and blessings.

Say three times:

Lady Luna, Bless this water with your healing energies.

Then leave it outside under the light of the moon for nine minutes, nine being a healing number.

You might also sit before the water and meditate over it, collecting and projecting healing energies into it.

Then bring it indoors, store it in a glass container such as a mason jar and use.

You could also drop a bit of blue food coloring into it and keep it in a vial to carry as a talisman.

Use some of it in bathing waters along with a healing herb or oil.

You could also anoint your forehead with it or afflicted are and then go deep into a
meditative state concentrating on healing the disease/illness/problem.


Hold a Hematite stone, feel it's vibrations and channel healing energy into the stone.

Stone of Hematite
Stone so black
Give me the healing energy
That I lack
Stone of Hematite
Stone of Hematite
Heal me now
With the speed of light!


ORANGE stones have some of the fire of red but are gentler in their effects.
They have often been seen as symbols of the Sun and are thought to be luck attracting.

L-SHAPED stones are thought to bring good fortune,because this form
suggests the conjunction of the spiritual with the physical.
They can be carried as good luck pieces or placed on the altar.

APACHE TEAR, a globule of translucent obsidian, is carried as a good-luck charm.

AVENTURINE is an all-around luck stone.

COPPER is a lucky metal,because of its past solar attributions, and so can
be used in combination with any luck-bringing gemstones.

LODESTONE is carried in pairs -- one to protect and the other to bring good luck.

TIN is carried as a good-luck piece and can be shaped into talismans to attract money.


Gather 7 small pieces of turquoise.

Place the stones under a full moon, to soak up the light for seven hours.

Take the stones into your hands, and say:

Luck be quick, luck be kind,
By lucky seven, good luck be mine.

Place stones into green bag, & carry with you wherever you go.

Throw a stone into a moving body of water, stating your desire, anytime you feel the
need for a little good fortune.


VintageSage said...

Great stone magick! I may try teh turuoise ones. I don't have large turquoise stones though..just the chips. I wonder if that would work?

Judith said...

Yep, they will

jaz@octoberfarm said...

hasn't this weather been awful. we have had almost constant high 80's and 90's and the humidity can be cut with a knife. i think part of this has to do with why my garden is doing poorly. i will believe it when i see it but we are supposed to cool down for a few days next week!