Saturday, June 05, 2010

Merlin and Lavender

Merlin hates to see me coming with a camera. He was sitting on the beige rug, saw me coming and hopped on the black bedspread.... he knows that I have trouble taking his picture... after all, black cat, black bedspread.... but he was fooled by the sun this time, and the picture came out pretty good!

My lavender is doing fantastic!!! Putting it out in the full sun was just what it wanted, and it's spread, and spread, and spread!!!

Right in the middle of the lavender, this came up! Not a regular tiger lily, the kind you see on the road sides, too dark and shinny, and the stem is more like a full Lily then a tiger Lily, but it's gorgeous!


Leanne said...

Hi Judith, just found your blog. We have some things in common- I too have a Merlin, (one of my six cats). A magical name for a magical companion and familiar

leanne x

The Frog Queen said...

Ah are a very photogenic kitty.....and BTW - thanks for picking me as a winner!! :D