Saturday, June 19, 2010

Insane doctors!!!!

OK, I'm pissy this morning! Have to admit I am, no real reason for it, but I am! I mean, there is a reason, but I shouldn't be bothered by it, but I am!

My friend Brenda is married to Alan.... super guy, super Dr., Love him to pieces..... except for last night!

Seems, since we all hang out together, and gab, and talk about EVERYTHING.... the "Doctor" in Alan has been putting the puzzle pieces about me together

I don't like people who think I'm a puzzle!!!

Last night Alan preceded to tell me, that after hearing all about my childhood and such.... that he talked to another Dr. friend of his... and BOTH of them have diagnosed me as AUTISTIC!!!!

OK, I'm like almost on social security... WHO GIVES A FUCK!

And yeah, when you look at all the symptoms, I am a high functioning autistic.... knew something was always a bit off, but I cope, I'm good, I'm OLD!!!!

When I was a kid, no one even heard about Autism. I was just a good kid! I didn't bother anyone, played well alone, didn't talk much, lived in my own little world, and managed some social (not much) interaction.

But still, I got through school, tested Genius level, passed school with D's.... got married, had kids.... got old.

Yes, I do form attachments to inanimate object... like them better then people most of the time!

And, NO, I don't like being touched, and I don't touch other people either. Huggers drive me insane, I don't even want to shake hands, let alone hug!!!

I did have friends, but they had to work hard at making me be friends with them, and doing stuff with them, cause I didn't want to!

Yes, I am super happy when I'm alone, by myself, and I don't have to work so hard with interactions with other people.

Yes, loud noise, or repetitive noise's drive me INSANE! So, I never went to dances or clubs, and totally avoided crowds.

While my few friends were out having fun... I was happier sitting home with a good book. And yes, I could read before kindergarten.. and no one actually taught me to read, I just knew how!

See, the thing about Dr.'s is they like to butt into your business, even when you don't want them too!!! So, I'm going to be pissy to Alan for a while.... COPE!


Leeanna said...

WTF!! That means I'm A HFA too. Crap, and to think I was just antisocial. Well that explains it all. I thought I was just a dumb old blond who has no friends and loves to talk to inanimate objects and animals. BTW I love reading your blog.

VintageSage said...

I just don't like people butting into my business period whether their doctors or not...and who invited him to put together your puzzle anyway? Lol! I'm what? Aren't we all? ;)

Linda in New Mexico said...

My grandson, 6 has Asperger's, is high functioning autistic. Now that I know his symptoms, his behaviors, his ticks.....yeah me too and I'm 61. So there ya go. But I hate Drs. anyway. Back off, go away, get the hell outta my business works really have a right to be pissed. As my husband says....some peoples children just ain't got no brains. What was he thinking? nevermind.......we don't need to go there, I already said I hate Drs.