Tuesday, June 08, 2010

I'm missing?

I have to admit since moving down here to the park, I'm missing my yards (and I mean yards, I've lived 15 places in 30 years)

Each house I've had had a big yard, extensive garden, and all the work done by ME!

My hubby had no clue how to garden.

He was good for roto tilling the soil, and telling everyone how fantastic the garden was doing.... but always forgetting that I did all the planting, caring, picking, cooking..... never once did he remember THAT! Typical male!!!

But I digress. I've always followed "Mother Earth"... the magazine that is, not the real one, but she does have a lot of say in what happens too. GIGGLE

Organic, re-use, re-use, re-use.

Since moving here I have a lot that is all gravel. Now I could have gotten a lot with grass (and you can do anything you want with your lot!) but at my age, and being a widow, who wants to mow grass???? NOT ME!! So, as in all my other places, all the grass would have been replaced by gardens.... work work work

So I picked this lot just because it was all gravel, with a big patio.

And started container planting.

I've showed you pics of my planters, but never the work that goes into them. I prefer not to show you the compost pile.... giggle... it doesn't make a pretty picture... but I should go in to some detail about container planting.

I know, I found it kind of scary when I first attempted it. Knowing that what I plant in the ground grows fantastic, I wasn't sure I could duplicate it all with stupid containers.... but I had to try... because I can't live without my plants!!!!

So the next couple of posts will be about how to do an totally organic, and re-used container garden.

And garden I do! I have 2 huge blueberry bush's, 2 gooseberry bush's, a huge evergreen tree, and then my herbs, tomatoes, and flowers.

So, If you feel like becoming an old hippy like me... and yes, I was a hippy in the 60's and 70's, check out the next few postings!


Linda in New Mexico said...

I will be anxiously awaiting your container gardening blogs. I do a terrible job at that but would love to be a good caretaker of them. Here's me sitting and being attentive...The Olde Bagg, Linda