Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Weird weather, great garden!

New Jersey has been suffering through some incredibly weird weather this summer. 90 degree temps started in May, and most days are 90 and above. This is not normal for New Jersey.... last year I only used my aircondioning for like 5 days!!! This year, every day is a hot day in august!!!!

But that's New Jersey, she never gives you what you expect!!!! Even our weather doesn't like to be pigeonholed! giggle

But my garden is loving it! My fig tree's are doing fantastic!

And my gooseberry crop is out of the box! I have no idea what to do with all of them!!!

I made a cute fairy garden in my herb planter. A little house, and stone walkway, with my herbs growing all around it!

The blueberry's are getting ripe! Nice and big this year!

Although I only planted one tomato (after the tomato blight last year, I didn't want to bother with more in case it happened again!) but no blight, and I have some nice tomatoes forming!

The tiger Lily's are talking over my arbor in the front of the house! I've never seen them grow so TALL!!! And the honeysuckle is Finlay covering most of the arbor, and blooming away like mad!


Rue said...

It's good that your garden is thriving, even though you are wilting! Nice berries!

Michelle said...

Now I know why my vegetables are coming up...because you took all the nice weather! Lol. Send some our way so my blueberries can ripen and my tomatoes can make an appearance. :)