Friday, June 18, 2010

Sad about what they are doing.....


And no one seems to notice or care enough to stop them!!!

By "Them", I of course mean the government.

First they told us the sun was BAD!!

And slather our kids with 50 or more sunscreen.... the result..... "Rickets" is back in kids, a serious bone deformity caused by the lack of sunlight...

and the ones that don't develop it... are growing up, sitting inside, playing games, and never having the wonderful childhood outside that we had growing up!!

So keeping them out of the sun, causes them to be couch potatoes.....

So now the government says "YOUR TOO FAT!"

So they stopped letting company's use the old fats to fry food.... hay, use this new improved, genetically altered one!!!!! Not the old, natural one!!!!!

But with out long term testing.... (nice of them to use our kids as Guinea pigs, isn't it?) how do you KNOW it's better for you..... down the road it may turn out all kinds of physical problems from it.... but the government doesn't give a fuck!

Just like they said..."don't eat eggs!!!" Now they say... "oh sorry, eggs are actually good for you!" duhhhhhh

And because people are just sheep, and go along with everything the government says.... because you KNOW, they are always right!..... they are getting away with it!!

Now, McDonalds can't put toys in the Happy Meals.... not because they are a choking hazard, but because it makes kids eat the happy meals, and that makes them FAT!!!


But you know there is always a reason behind the government's workings.

Like the new Cigarette thing. I used to by my Cigs from an Indian tribe.

Cheap, all natural... no chemical fillers... and by buying them I'm supporting the Indian tribes!!!!

Now the president passed a ban on getting your cigs thru the mail!!!

when I talked to the tribe last time... over 5000 Indian's are being let go!!!!

No more work for you... no more income.... and that's just one tribe!!!!!!!

Hundreds or other tribes are losing work and income.... because the President (WHO FUCKING SMOKES, BY THE WAY) says we can't get cheap, natural cigs anymore.

When are people going to say.. ENOUGH!!!! THESE ARE OUR KIDS!!!! WHEN?????


Linda in New Mexico said...

I think you just did say it. Enough, truly is enough. We cannot be lemmings being lead to the sea. We must all not sit back and expect the government to do things for us and do it ourselves. I have two wonderful grands that deserve to be able to "live" a life not be directed to live. I'm with you on this one. Government is a four letter word.
Great fire in this post, good for you.
The Olde Bagg