Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Cutest project!

I just finished the cutest project for my dolls!!!!!!

Since Mortica's sister, Ophelia, has moved in for a while, I needed something to show how vain and what a clothing hound Ophelia is..... so I made this!

It used to be an old gun case, all scratched up, and dented.... from the 50's that my son had.

I cleaned it out, and put some travel stickers on it, and put a pole inside to hang clothing!

Just like the old travel trunks that people used to use back in the 1900's.

I figured it's a great prop for my Doll's blog, and if I can find small hangers.... a great place to store the doll's clothing!!!

Hummm, now where can I get doll size hangers??????


Sugar said...

That is darling! and the hangers..try craft stores :)

Judith said...

Thanks, actualy found them at Michles craft, only had one bag, but it looks great!