Tuesday, June 29, 2010


I really don't drink. The only time I do drink is at shore leave, and that's coming in 10 days!

My dilemma is, with my allergies to oranges, lemons and limes.... what drinks do I drink?

Now, I like "foo foo" drinks, creamy, unusual, and with cherry's in it! GIGGLE

So I'm going on bartender sites to see what I can order, that doesn't have my allergy stuff in it!

Boy, does that suck!

I think I'm going to be stuck with Rum and Coke, or 7 & 7..... definitely NOT a cool creamy foo foo drink!

So this may be the first convention I don't drink at!

I'm gonna grumble about this for a loooooong time! GIGGLE


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Check out a drink called a "Strawberry Landslide." I had one once and it was delicious! No citrus in it that I can recall.