Tuesday, June 29, 2010


I HAD to steal this from Sugar's blog....http://thewhitings-sugarwhiting.blogspot.com/

She's probably going to beat me with a stick for snitching it.... but it will be worth it!!!!

13 reasons to become a witch

13. I live for persecution.

12. I'm a night person at heart.

11. We respect our elders... and alders and willows and oaks...

10. I just love explaining that a pentagram is NOT evil.

9. We do more after midnight than most people do all day.

8. Being burned at the stake is a great way to roast marshmallows.

7. We can talk to Elvis (and he is dead).

6. You live, you learn, you die, you forget. Then you come back.

5. Double the deities, double the fun!

4. We get more holidays.

3. Brooms get great mileage.

2. We were here first.

1. BELTANE!!!!

And can I add, in my own opinion, the best thing about becoming a witch is HALLOWEEN!!!!!!


Sugar said...

Haha!! spread away..I copied it from someone else :)

It's cute stuff :)

The Frog Queen said...

I knew I loved your blog for a reason.....and I thought Elvis was only talking to me...you mean you all can see him?