Friday, June 11, 2010

Composting, small size

This, above, is a nice plan for a compost pile... if you have a huge yard! But you can't build one like this if your yard is tiny, or if you patio plant like me..... but I still managed a nice compost pile.

I had an old planter that was cracked, It was a big one, but with the cracked side...useless for planting.

I started by putting some leaves in it in the fall, and adding some old potting soil and mixing it around.

Then I added cutting from my fall plants, and veggies from my kitchen. Every time I thought of it, I added a little more.... and when the weather was good, I watered it every day... Just a little.

After a month I started mixing it. Using a fork! No, not a pitch fork, just a large fork. Like the kind you use to move a roast out of the roasting pan.

Over the winter I composted even more in the rain and snow... and by spring I had a good batch of well rotted compost.

In the spring I added a little to each planter in my garden, before I added the plants, and there you have container gardening, organically, re-using, and all natural!

You don't always have to do things in a big way!


Mother's Moon's Message said...

I love that idea... so simple that anyone can do it.. and space is not an issue at all.... I also like the diagram you have at the top... Easily made.... even I could do that.... thanks for sharing

VintageSage said...

Great idea!! I only have a tiny deck..and yes, for those that don't have large yards this is an awesome plan!