Monday, June 14, 2010


Today's hard decision is about shoe's.

The hotel is long and sprawling. Walking to the dealers room, to the bar, downstairs to the exhibits..etc. can be a long and tiring walk.

Now, I have pretty feet. Well, at least I like them. Smooth, and I always have my toe nails polished... pink of course!

So it's "vanity" vs "sanity"!!

Do I bring pretty high heel sandals... that show off my cute toes, and nice feet?

Or do I bring comfy goth sneakers... easy to walk in?

Or both???

I'm not a big shoe person, so I don't have many thing to chose from.

I love my high heeled sandals, make me look tall and show off my toes, and make me feel sexy. But..... walking a long time in them are sure to make me grumpy, sore, and pissy.

Now my sneakers, I only have one pair, cute little goth sneakers... fantastic for my feet, good for walking, but NOT sexy at all!

I need comfy shoes for the drive there. Not going to drive 3 hours in heels... so the sneakers are the pick for that..............

The question is, should I pack some sandal heels too????? Or just the sneakers???

What do you guys think????


Rue said...

Pack the sexy sandals too. I always bring extra shoes - you never know when you'll need a bit of "sexy!"