Friday, June 04, 2010

Feeling BLAH!

I sometimes think that planning to do things just for myself is a waste of time!

Some one up there, or down there, or in there, keeps fucking with my plans!

I just keep thinking about Shore Leave, well, thinking doesn't work, I'm more like Yearning for Shore Leave, but money keeps rearing it's ugly head!

I just don't know if I'll have enough for it!

It's $294.19 for the hotel for two days.... and while I'm pretty sure to have that money, it may be the only money I have! So eating, buying and drinking may be off the menu for the weekend. :(

And all those people who were going to go in with me.... they aren't... so I'm on my own.

My sister says I can share a room with her, but I really like having my room alone, or sharing it with friends.

So, I can't make up my mind. sigh

I may just say screw it, and not go at all!

Depression about not going, is a killer.... but the depression about going and having the money is a bitch too!!!!

Lets just say, either way, I'm going to be MAJOR DEPRESSED!


Jamie said...

Stay home and DRINK! :D

Judith said...

That would be a good idea, except I don't drink