Tuesday, June 08, 2010


Now I love the "miracle grow moisture" potting mix. Holds moisture in the soil, less watering.... but it's expensive.

So I use just regular potting soil, and I add to it, some sand. You can buy sand at any hardware store, just add the potting soil, mix in a couple of big hand scoops of sand, and your done.

You can buy these crystals that retain water, After I put my plants in, I dig a hole, and plop some of the crystals in.... just to help with the watering.

But beware, if it rains a lot, the crystals puff up, and come to the surface of the pot looking like the giant BLOB from the horror movie. Yick! But they work.

I also add some compost that I make, the how too is on the next blog, just mix it all up, water it well, let it sit, then plant your plants.

I know you all can go buy some miracle grow plant food, but unless you need an acid plant food, just use cow manure, or even horse puckies.

It's cool if you have a stable near by, that will allow you to pick some horse droppings up. But be warned, again, adding horse manure will make you plants grow HUGE!!!! And fresh horse manure has to sit for a while before you add, at least 3 weeks, or it will make the soil too hot for the plants.

The cow manure you buy in the store, is already decomposed and doesn't need to sit before adding it.

I put just one nice handful in each pot, just on top, then water the plant.

If you use a natural manure, there is no need to keep applying it all summer!!! It releases slowly, unlike the stuff you mix with water and apply. chemicals bad! Nature good!

In the fall, after I remove any dead plants... like with your veggies, I add a bit more manure.... just to get the soil ready for the spring.


Rue said...

I'm a firm believer in manure - lol!

We can get all kinds here, including mushroom compost from the mushroom factory a few cities over (chicken manure.) It's great stuff!

The Frog Queen said...

I agree manure is the best. That and compost tea....both my personal favs! Thanks for the very informative post.